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Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Joanna Sheen Challenge - Recycled Card

This week's challenge on Joanna Sheen's forum was to make a card entirely from recycled items. I decided not to rush into it (probably because nothing immediately sprang to mind!) and have been keeping an eye out for anything suitable that might be included on a card. Today at work I was asked to scan an old report to someone and then bin it. As I was dismantling the binder to get the papers out I thought the off white textured card which formed the back of the folder was far too nice to throw away (the front was acetate) so I brought it home to use as a card blank and after trimming off the ragged corners it was fine.

The picture is from a 2007 Christmas card catalogue and it is beautiful! The gold cord threaded through the holes at the bottom was I think from a box of chocolates but the velvet bow and fluff is a bit of a mystery as I found it in mum's old sewing box which I kept even though I don't sew. I have no idea what it was from. It was originally all joined together but the velcro fastening gave way whilst I was examining it so I twisted the ribbon and stuck it down the side of my card and put the bow on. I punched the little gold butterflies from the front cover of an old magazine.


Jane's Crafty Creations said...

Wow ... very inventive ... love it.

Ann Whitfield said...

Really gorgeous Denise - it has to be most stylish recyled card I've ever seen!
Ann x

Sammi said...

Oh wow!! this is absolutely amazing - very beautiful :)

Kim Piggott said...

Wonderful card!

Love those butterflies.

kim x

Chrissie said...

Now this is just stunning Den! I can't believe this is from recycled bits, it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Gail said...

Ingenious recycling. Great result!

Jacqueline Tr├ęsBella said...

You all are doing a great job on recycling materials for cards.

SBS 20

Phree said...

Wow, this is fab, even more so when you read how it was made from recycled things.