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Thursday, 20 December 2007


I can't say I enjoyed making this card as it was just a matter of pushing out the die cut bits and decoupaging them then adding a couple of peeloffs! Even so it took a while as I am a slow cardmaker. I have made so many Christmas cards lately that I am scarily sick of cardmaking so I couldn't have faced anything difficult. I quite like these Morehead images though, cute:

Monday, 3 December 2007


Here are 2 cards I have just made which I thought would fit in with this week's DCM challenge theme to make a card with birds on it. I did intend posting a pic of a goldfinch card I made for my son's birthday which was today but I must have forgotten to scan it!!! I am adding instead the parrot card I made for a friend's birthday. The cartoon robins I have just drawn straight onto a blank card just to see if I could actually make a card without sticking anything onto it:

Silver Wedding Anniversary Card

I enjoyed making this Silver Wedding Anniversary Bookatrix card as it was OK to go a bit OTT with sparkly embellishments. I didn't enjoy making the box as it took longer to make than the card!!!! My favourite bits are the lovely Joanna Sheen Victorian heart and rectangle doiley stamps used on parchment, they almost look like real lace and the fact they were very easy to do is a bonus.