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Sunday, 6 July 2008

Nice Surprise!!!!!

Whilst checking my emails yesterday I spotted the Pink Petticoat newsletter which had a link to the result of Liz's Lots Of Dots competition and I was so happy to see I was one of the finalists. It was a lovely surprise and a thrill as I often enter cardmaking/papercraft competitions but this is the first time I have come close to winning :) so maybe one day, you never know!
The winning entries are fabulous so check them out as well as the other finalists. Here are my 4 entries.....the owls wedding card and bookmark were featured in the finals. I have to say they look much better on the PP site as my photographic skills are non existent!


purple_nikki said...

Hi there SBS 20 sister,

Looking forward to getting to know you!

Your blog is now linked on my page.

Chat soon,

Nikki x

Ann Whitfield said...

Well done Denise - and these cards are fabulous
Ann x

Jackie said...

Well done, your cards are lovely :)

Dawn said...

Congrats - your three cards are all stunning

Jenny, said...

Hi Denise, I'm on the SBS 20, look forward to getting to know everyone... Your cards are great & aawww what a sweet little piggy card :o)

Chrissie said...

WOW Denise, these are all great, no surprise to me that you were in the final but well done you!

Janette said...

Hi Denise,

I am one of your new 20 sisters.
Looking forward to getting to know everyone

A Latte Stampin said...

Great blog! Hi it's Sam SBS20 just visiting and say Hi.
Hugs Sam

Rainbow Lady said...

Den I just realised that you are a Pogues fan too. I love them, must add some to my playlist. Thanks for reminding me.
Love Cynthia x

Dawny P said...

Congratulations to you - isn't it fab!!!! Mine looks better on the website as well - I wish I could take photos like Liz!!!! Anyway, I just wanted to say ciongtas and well done xxx

Dawny P said...

Just re-checked my comment!!! Ooops - make that congrats lol xxxx Thank you soo much for stopping by my blog and for your nice words - I do appreciate them Denise xxx